Premium (2% of agreed sale price)

Our aim with our Premium Option is to provide a complete service where we take care of every aspect of your move.

How it works:

This service has everything from our Classic Service but has the following additions:-

The property is a featured property on Rightmove until a sale price is agreed.

Once a sale price is agreed and the solicitors are instructed we will liaise on your behalf and handle all enquiries for you. This is with every aspect of your sale such as, solicitors, IFA's for your onwards sale (if required) Estate Agent for your onward sale, removal companies and even any contractors that you may need for your onward purchase.

We will not be generating any revenue from this. Every Solicitor, IFA or any other contractors will be providing high service levels to our customers at reasonable prices. They do not pay 3EA commission instead they guarantee us that they will take care of our clients' needs.

Once we have a completion date (exchange of contracts) we will then confirm with the removal company arrangements and any others that are required for the big move. We will also inform all that you request of your change of address, including banks, utility companies, council etc and anyone else that is required.

Once the sale is complete and you are finished moving out, we will meet you at your property to collect all keys for the buyer. That is one less thing for you to worry about on your moving day.

Finally 3EA will meet you at your new property to welcome you to your new home. We will endeavour to establish as much information for you as possible prior to completion. Naturally this will vary from seller to seller and be reliant on the Estate Agent you are buying from being willing to facilitate us discussing this with their client.

To simplify this option we will endeavour to do everything for you. It will be as hassle free for you as is feasibly possible.


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