Investment Property Sales

Working alongside The Landlords Letting Company who are one of the leading letting agents in South Wales, we have access to over a thousand active investors. If you are considering offloading your portfolio then we can work with you to maximise the return from that sale. We can advise you on the properties that we feel would benefit from being sold to other investors and which would generate better returns from the open market. We can also advise on what works may generate higher sale prices and even assist in arranging those works.

Once the property is listed we can liaise with the tenant(s) during an investor to investor sale or serve notice for you if the property is to be sold with vacant possession. If you are considering offloading a single investment property or if you have a portfolio of properties then please get in touch with 3ea first. We are confident that we will be able to assist you in achieving the maximum possible return for your investment.


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