Selling With 3EA - Three Estate Agents

At Three Estate Agents we are offering you three ways to sell your home. Our services simply called Online, Classic and Premium with Online being our Online Estate Agent Service, Classic is our conventional High Street Agent Service and Premium being our unique comprehensive service.

We understand that people have opted for online agents as a cheap solution to selling your home but the vast majority still prefer to play it safe and elect for a conventional High Street Estate Agent. Some national online agents profess to be hybrid agents offering a solution that is both an online service with a "local expert". Other agents are offering a low cost online service where no local presence at all.

We believe that local area knowledge is so crucial that electing for either a cheap online service or a national hybrid agent could result in a low sale price. Any economy gained from the lower fees is therefore lost in sale prices that could be many thousands lower.

At Three Estate Agents we are truly your local property experts. We only intend to operate in areas where we understand and have detailed knowledge of the area. So with us you truly benefit from the local area knowledge required to give accurate advice.

Couple this with professional images, floor plans, our prompt and personal service and we believe we have the tools to ensure that you achieve the best possible price for your property.



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